Lesson Information

Learn to ride, improve on skills you already have, work at being a competitive rider, take on more responsibility, lease a horse. Learn to train a young horse, or purchase your own! All these options are possible.


Beginner Riders- All ages


Contact: Marta Modzeleweska


Marta teaches out of Windsor Stables in Southlands. She will introduce you to grooming, tacking up, basic horsemanship skills, and start you out riding. You will learn the basic skills of riding.  Walk, trot, canter, steering, safety, position, pole work, and understanding and developing a relationship and good communication skills with your horse.


-Her lessons are private and 45min long. The horse is provided.

-Stretchy pants and boots with a heel are required. It is recommended that you buy your own helmet and safety vest. We do have some helmets available if you don’t have your own yet.



Intermediate to Advanced Riders – All ages


Contact Pippa MacPhee


Pippa teaches out of Southlands Riding Club and Windsor Stables.

At Windsor Stables there is no cost to riding in their ring (you still pay for the cost of the lesson and the horse) This is a suitable option for those on a budget, drop in riders, nervous riders, or those just starting out.


For more serious, advanced riders, those with their own horse, and those wanting to work at developing their skills, Pippa also teaches out of the Southlands Riding Club. You must be a member to ride at the riding club. They have a range of membership options ranging from 1 day a week members, to a full membership where you can ride as often as you like.


Pippa can supply horses for all levels of riders to either ride once a week, or to lease 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, or fully.



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